1st Annual Flipathon

Introducing the Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics
1st  Annual Flipathon Fundraiser
 February 18-24, 2018

What is Flipathon?
Coaches and athletes in all programs perform flips and challenges at the end of class to celebrate the money raised as a group and to celebrate the sport of Gymnastics during 
Canadian Gymnastics Week!

  • Athletes will be given inspired gymnastics challenges in class which can also tie in with the calendar of activities from #CDNGYMWEEK.
  • The more money raised as a class = the more challenges the coaches will have during Canadian Gymnastics Week!
  • Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to take photos of the challenges during class!

FUNDRAISING GOAL: Funds raised in this year's Flip-A-Thon will be put towards our ANNUAL GOAL TO RAISE $100,000!

  • For critical building maintenance
  • To support club infrastructure
  • To upgrade equipmment and technology

How to Participate?

  • Athletes will receive pledge sheets from their coaches. We encourage each athlete to collect pledges from sponsors (friends, family and collegues, etc) and to complete their form
  • Pledge forms and donations must be returned during class 
    Deadline for forms and donations: February 11-17th!

How to Donate?

  • Cash
  • Cheque
    • If you would like a tax receipt (over $20), please issue your cheque to the National Sport Trust Fund and include your address and email on your form. 
    • No tax receipt required? Issue cheques to Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics.

Get ready for a chance to win BIG Prizes!

  • Pledges totalling more than $100 will be entered in a draw to win an IPAD.
  • Pledges totalling $250 or more will be entered in a draw to win a NINTENDO SWITCH.