Did you know that Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics is a not-for-profit organization? Your support is instrumental in reaching our goals through as the best provider of gymnastics programs in Canada. Read about our Mission, Vision and Values.
There are many ways to support Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics. Our fundraisers help keep the Phoenix community spirit alive.  Through the years, we have received dedicated support from our Phoenix family and together we can help reach our goals!  

We continue to build funds and work together to achieve the Fundraising goals and initiatives outlined by our Club Fundraising Committee.

GOAL: $100,000 

  1. Infrastructure Fund - $60,000
    Our infrastructure fund focuses on facility upgrades which include equipment and building maintenance in addition to emergency preparedness.  With a vision to be the best provider of gymnastics programs in Canada we strive to maintain the very best facilities.
  2. Adaptive Gymnastics Fund - $10,000
    Our Adaptive programs provide opportunities for children with a wide range of physical cognitive and emotional needs. The goal is to provide inclusive, supportive, and high-quality programs to enable all children to reach their full potential.
  3. Rising to Excellence Fund - $30,000
    High-level participation in any competitive sport in Canada requires specialized training environments. The goal through fundraising is to provide access for our up-and-coming and already established high achievers. We want to ensure our athletes have the opportunities to develop to their full potential as they reach for the pinnacles of the competitive sport such as the World Championships and Olympic Games. 


For more information about our fundraising campaigns please contact